39: Are You Happy?
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First of all, can I just say how much I love Nino's また今日と同じ明日が来る and WONDER LOVE? These songs have a very interesting sound, the instruments and the vocals (and 0:52-0:54 of Nino's  solo, ugh <3 All of them sound great in WONDER LOVE too). These are best songs in the album for me. <3s forever!

Ohno's solo... I'm not sure if I like it? The genre isn't something I normally listen to and the way he says "bad boy" sounds like "baboy" which means "pig" and I can't distance my mind from that thought but I can totally imagine him dancing to this. I don't like how his voice sounds great in the talk/rap parts either. Everyone seems to like this so I don't know...

Miles Away is another song everyone seems to like but to me it sounds like an alternative rock band's song. To be more specific, like a single that an alternative rock band would release from their sophomore album to demonstrate their "maturity and depth". I think becuase the melody from the chorus which sounds like "the reason" which I hated back then, and the instrumentation they use during that part, and the beginnig that reminds me of coldplay that made me think so. I'm sorry, that came out harsher than I thought.

Sho's solo is just to cheerful sounding for me I would hate to hear it during my grumpy mornings. I don't think singing like this suits his voice much. To my homies is very Sho and I like it more than his solo. It's a nice change of pace from the other disco/jazz songs in the album.

Aiba's solo is just very him. One question though, why is he saying "amigo?" His Seishun Boogie song sounds something like a Super Sentai song, or an 80s song, or something that could have been from Japonism. It seems like it would be great in concert.

Another song that sounds like it would be great in concert is Two to Tango. The instrumentation and the dynamics are interesting.

Jun's solo just kind of blends into the album and I can't really remember how it goes right now.

The disco and jazz sounding songs are good but not something I would stop to replay. They have their catchy parts, but I guess because there are a lot of them here the other songs stand out more. A couple more listens maybe.

38: worlds 2016
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It may be raining flowers and Pooh-sans on the ice, but it's raining tears on my face.

Shoma bb... T______T


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aiba laundry
*watches video on YT, ad comes up*

"We are going to show you how to get that no make up make up look."

"First, you should have flawless skin to begin with."

*closes tab so fast*

*sigh* -_______-

Today, a terrible thing happened:


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"Congratulations. Your name was written in the list of people scheduled to die, so I've come for you."Collapse )

aiba laundry
Done with Kagi no Kakatta Heya!
I miss Enomo-chan already, even though we didn't find out a single thing about him just when I thought they would reveal something interesting (except for that bit at the end).
I miss Aoto, even though I didn't recognize Toda Erika at first except when she grinned. I liked her more and more as the series went on.
I miss Serizawa and how he's supposed to be busy doing lawyer things except he keeps getting roped into doing detective things instead.
I still have the special to look forward to. After finishing Shinigami-kun LOL

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Last night, I was halfway through a Kagi no Kakatta Heya series marathon but I fell asleep. I woke up with my earphones squished under my shoulder and now they're ruined.

Although there isn't much character development at this point, I had no problem with the 3 main characters. I like the Serizawa-Aoto interactions. Add Enomo-chan looking adorable in his glasses and cardigans and you've got Team Enomoto! Yay!

I love the music; it sets the tone really well. There was a moment that a scene set to the "deduction" music (Sorry, I don't know the titles. I haven't looked at the OST yet, but I will after I finish all the episodes!) then after a cut (CM break?), the scene was repeated with the "OMGtension" music and the change in the background music really changed everything. The way they did the explanations is also interesting, but there doesn't seem to be much point in making the scale models.

Anyway, I'm liking the show despite the obviousness of the murderers and the predictabiity of the plot but I guess that's because of the format. The show can be enjoyed more if watched as once-weekly episodes, not binge-watching like what I'm doing. XD

aiba laundry
My 500 GB external HDD is almost full. There's only about 20 GB of space left.

I realized that there are lots of files I've downloaded but haven't really looked at. I'll be doing that now, and then decide if I should keep everything.

Maybe I should buy a new one? After all, these things aren't as expensive as they used to be so it will be easier to buy now.

*eyes purse*  -_____-


I'll ask for one on my birthday. -_____-

ohno PE
Ii ne.
Kazoku Game spoilers!Collapse )

Today is Independence Day.
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